About Us

ARTESANARIA born of the love of a woman who gave her whole life to promote and support Mexican popular art. We focus more than anything on just that, Mexican folk art which is the activity carried out manually, by a person, family or an entire community, which aims to produce unique articles, where personal creativity and workmanship are predominant factors, which are imprinted with cultural characteristics, folkloric or utilitarian in a given region, by applying techniques passed down from generation to generation.

Tourists who visit us, both nationals and foreigners, can take a tour of our beautiful country through the hands of our artisans, in a warm, pleasant and harmonious environment, providing them with all the information about our pieces, such as where they are from, the material, the technique, etc. We have beautiful copper and glazed clay pineapples from Michoacán, mud pieces and textiles from Chiapas, beautiful pieces of paquime from Chihuahua, incredible pieces of tin from  Guanajuato, the traditional equipment of Jalisco, incredible trees of life of the State of Mexico, all kinds of henequen items and beautiful silver filigree from Yucatan, famous alebrijes from Oaxaca, jewels of the exquisite Olinala wood in Guerrero, etc.

Having the most representative of all the states of our beautiful country reaching even the most remote and small towns trying to promote Mexican art at all levels, and also be of benefit to artisans who with work and dedication show us the beauty of what their hands are capable of achieve.

Absolutely everything we sell is the creation of Mexican artisans, elaborate totally at hand. We distinguish ourselves from the rest by offering honest information, with fixed prices and above all quality in our pieces. We take great care in selecting them, which are chosen with dedication, always keeping in mind that this piece, no matter how small or large, will one day be in the home of one of our visitors, and that is why it is very important that it is something beautiful and of quality.

In the same way we strive to pack them in the best way so that you arrive safely back to your country and city of origin, and if the client prefers we can pack and ship by courier, shipping anywhere in the world.

The store has been located for 12 years in the historic center of the city of Mérida, in front of the Santa Lucia park, famous for the traditional Yucatecan serenade that takes place there every Thursday from eight o'clock at night.
For any information please write to us at raqueljb@artesanaria.com Thanks!